Serving Estes Park since 1941.
Located in the valley near Rocky Mountain National Park, EPSD is a division of local government providing wastewater collection and treatment in Estes Park CO.
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Download the most up to date rules and regulations
Rules and Regulations are available for our plant, collections and billing. Not sure what you can discharge to the sewer? What are the requirements for sewer service lines? What happens if you fail to pay your bill timely? Those questions and many others are answered in these documents.  Contact our office at (970) 586-2866 and we'll put you in touch with people who can answer your questions.
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Download a summary of user fees and system development fees
User fees for residential and commercial customers are listed in this document. There are three classifications of residential customers. Commercial customers are billed based on water usage. System Development Fees (also known as tap fees) have been summarized in this document. Check out our blog section for a more detailed review of our fees. If you have questions not answered in this document, be sure to contact our office at (970) 586-2866.
Download rate and fee summary sheet
Update your customer profile
An online form is available for you to update your customer profile or you can download a pdf document and send us the changes. We need to be able to contact you for mailing statements, or contacting you in case of emergencies. Yes emergencies do happen in the wastewater industry so please make sure we have good contact information for you.
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complete or Download a form to set up or change ach payment of sewer bills
To initiate preauthorized automatic clearing house (ACH) debit of a quarterly sewer payment, complete and return this form with a void check or for savings, a preprinted deposit slip, at least fifteen (15) days prior to due date. Within fifteen (15) days or in lieu of a void check, provide payment from your choice bank account to initiate future draft. Once ACH is initiated, the quarterly postcard bill that mails to the address below will state Bank Draft Do Not Pay. On the due date, your bank account will be debited by Estes Park S D for the net amount due.
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