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Estes Park Sanitation District (EPSD) is a division of local government providing wastewater collection and treatment in Estes Park CO, a quaint town located near the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.
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rules and regulations
Rules and Regulations are available for each District department: Plant, Collections also known as Lines and Office. Not sure what you can discharge into the sewer system? Curious what the requirements are for sewer service lines? Concerned because you failed to pay timely? Those questions and many others are answered in District Rules and Regulations. If after reviewing documents found in the link below, questions remain, call 970-586-2866 and you will be directed to personnel appropriate to answer your specific questions.
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Residential and Commercial customers are billed quarterly for sewer service. User, service and miscelleneous charges may apply. Residential customers are charged a flat, annual fee, based on property classification. For customer convenience, the annual charge is equally split and billed the beginning of each calendar quarter for that quarter's service. Commercial customers are billed the end of each calendar quarter because charges are based on actual water usage recorded by the Town of Estes Park. System Investment or Development Fees (also known as tap fees) apply to new construction and remodels.  Click the link below to review or download the District Rate and Fee Sheet or check our blog for more detailed fees. If after reviewing information found in the link, questions remain, call 970-586-2866 and you will be directed to personnel appropriate to answer your specific questions.
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Customer contact information may be provided in many different manners: in person, phone, mail, email or via online entry or pdf download using the link below. The information provided will be used for quarterly billing and related correspondence: it will never be sold or shared for marketing purposes. Kindly apprise the District in advance of contact information changes as wastewater emergencies do arise: in such an instance, we need to reach you promptly.
provide or amend ach information
Automatic withdrawal via ACH (automated clearing house) draft is a service the District offers customers free of charge as it ensures timely remittance. If you desire the District automatically withdraw quarterly sewer payments from a preferred checking or savings account on your behalf, ACH is for you. Click the link below to initiate new or amend existing ACH service via online entry or pdf download. The information provided will be confidentially stored and used strictly for quarterly draft.
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