About Estes Park Sanitation District
Serving Estes Park Since 1941
In 2016, a new headworks building was added to our treatment facility. While most headworks facilities address processes such as screening, grit removal, chemical addition and flow measuring, our project also addressed the tail end of the treatment process. Pictured are dissolved air flotation devices (DAFs) used to "polish" effluent prior to UV disinfection. The DAFs have proven to be wonderful additions to the treatment process. The UV component was also included in the building. This is truly a multi-functional building!
Serving Estes Park Since 1941
As is the case with many older wastewater districts, most of our collection system was vitrified clay pipe. Beginning in the late 1980's, District started an aggressive pipe replacement program to upgrade the aging collection system and improve service quality. Approximately 55% of our collection system is now new. Today over 80% of our collection system is PVC, HDPHE or ductile iron pipe. Pictured is equipment used in the "pipe bursting" process.  A pneumatic hammer splits the old pipe and pulls new HDPHE pipe in its place.
Serving Estes Park Since 1941
The District office is located at 1201 Graves Avenue in the Lakeview Business Center. At the office, you can pay your bill, inquire about wastewater building permit requirements, check the location of sewer mains or attend a board meeting. If we can't answer your questions, we will put you in touch with someone who can. Contact us through email, by phone or in person. Also our transparency notice is available through the link listed below.
Committed to Providing High Quality Service
Our directors encourage staff members to be knowledgeable in all areas of wastewater treatment and collection.  Treatment operators receive training in collection fields and vice versa.  Recently staff members received GPS training and today our collection system has been mapped digitally.  We believe that employees who increase their skill levels make the District better.
EPSD Board
Todd M. Plummer
Anthony Ricciardi
F.R. Houser
Ryan Leahy
Jennifer Waters
EPSD Staff
Carma Morin
(970) 586-2866cmorin@estesparksanitation.org
Ron Duell (RD)
(970) 214-3421rduell@estesparksanitation.org
Davina Gladson
(970) 402-6796dgladson@estesparksanitation.org
Evan Borell
(970) 404-2448eborell@estesparksanitation.org
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